SALTWATER VENTURES was created in 1983 by host, David Hack. His vision was to make SALTWATER VENTURES more than "two guys in a boat fishing." To ensure this, a female correspondent is added from time to time to lend her perspective to a show. He has found that a female presence attracts an additional audience of women outdoor-enthusiasts.​

In 2000, Dave decided to promote the appreciation of the rain forest, exotic animals, birds and fish as well as less traveled locales. Dave also promotes resorts, lodges, and businesses that specialize in eco-based tours. His personal commitment to promoting the growing area of eco-tourism includes a belief in disturbing as little of the natural environment as possible.

SALTWATER VENTURES offers viewers great Blue Water fishing action as well as eco-tours. This gives the viewers the excitement of saltwater or freshwater fishing with the flavor of different lands and cultures.

Most importantly, the goal is to interest the viewer in the subject matter of each program and let them see that they, too, can enjoy the same experience. Viewers will see resorts, local tour options, shopping, airline information and other leisure activities, which all combine to make the show "more than" "two guys in a boat fishing."​

SALTWATER VENTURES encourages anglers and boat captains alike to keep only the fish they will eat and return the rest back to the sea. This ensures that others can have the same thrill of catching a big game fish in settings that are usually only imagined by most people.​

SALTWATER VENTURES host, David Hack and his crew are eager to bring these educational, exotic and fun adventures to you.

 David Hack's  Saltwater Ventures "The TV Series"